Informations about the German Whooper Swan colour-marking project

Since spring 1998 181 Whooper Swans were ringed in the German wintering areas and 22 cygnets on the breeding grounds in the Spreewald (East Germany). The birds at the wintering grounds were caught with cannonnets. To increase the number of reports 199 birds were marked with yellow neckcollars.

Up to now 5.500 observations of 305 observers were received. One swan was found dead after a collision with a power-line in Germany in the 1999-2000 season.

Everybody who does report observations of birds of this project to us will once a year receive a report with all observations and the ringing details. These season reports are scheduled in late summer each year.

Results of Observations of Whooper Swans ringed in the wintering grounds in North Germany 1998-2001

Results of observations of Whooper Swans ringed in the German breeding grounds (Spreewald) 1999-2001