Informations about the German Mute Swan colour-marking projects

Since 1997 620 Mute Swans have been ringed in Germany. 281 individuals of them with yellow neck-collars (codes: AP01 - AP50, AK00 - AK99, AY00 - AY99, 00CP-99CP).

Up to now 4.500 observations of 250 observers were received.

Observers are asked to look for marked Whooper Swans. Please sent your reports of Whooper Swans with yellow neckcollars to The ringers are Volker Blüml, Axel Degen and Helmut Kruckenberg. Please note information on code, date, location (if possible with province and Greenwich coordinates), habitat, flock size, familiar status and individual breeding success.

Results of observations of Mute Swans ringed in Northwest Germany 1997-2001